Bitting Consultation – Double Bit

Price – £100 per horse

  • 1½ hour consultation
  • Two Discipline / Bit & Bridle
  • Bitting form
  • Travel not included


If you have filled in the booking form, you can book and pay for your online consultation here.

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What to expect at your bitting consultation

When you book a consultation with Gill Batt, or one of the fabulous HBA associates, we want to make sure that when we leave, you have no questions left unanswered. So we always advise writing down a few notes ready for your appointment.

Please have your horse ready with the saddle on and boots/bandages that are normally used with your bridle/bits to hand but not fitted

Bitting Consultation steps

Appointment length

Approx 1 hr (snaffle bit) -1½ hr (double bridle)

STEP 1 – Pre-Ridden assessment

Initially, we will compile information, such as recent health checks, injury, bits tried, signs of evasion, or problems being experienced.

The horse’s facial conformation will be assessed for tongue size, top palate space, size of lips and length of bar, depth of jaw. Followed by a light palpation of areas of around the head and neck area that may be linked with a bit or bridle sensitivity or soreness. This time also gives the rider the opportunity to express their concerns and objectives.

STEP 2 Ridden Assessment

The horse is then ridden in its normal equipment, bit and bridle, where the signs of evasion can be observed and explained. This gives the rider time to demonstrate through the different gaits and exercises the difficulties they have been experiencing. This then gives the background information to pinpointing the specific areas that can benefit from a bit or bridle change.

STEP 3 Change of Bit/Bridle

The consultant will then select bit choices to distinguish what the horse finds more comfortable to accommodate and signals the horse responds to more easily. There will be a small number of bit changes to ascertain and evaluate which combination of mouth and cheek piece suit both the horse and the rider. This gives the rider a window to experience the differences and feel an improvement that they can build upon with training.

STEP 4 Summary

At the end of the consultation we give you your bitting form with the details discussed and suggested recommendations. We provide details of the bit choices we recommend and transitioning guide. As independent consultants we have suggested retailers you may wish to use which give you a discount, or you may wish to source at the best price or second-hand. It is important to point out that the horse will need time to adjust both physically and mentally to get the best performance and continued results.

After Care

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you are progressing after approximately 2 weeks of riding in your new bit/bridle. If you would like to leave a review and or testimonial you will receive a 10% voucher for your next bit check.