Bit by Bit

This course is a 'hands on approach' and will empower horse owners to make more informed bit choices for your horse and you.

About Our Bit By Bit video course

You will have the advantage of 30 years specialist bit experience with the countries leading bit expert.

Gill will help you navigate step by step, the complete process from assessing your horse’s facial confirmation to deciphering what shape, style of bit and its action suits your horse’s mouth, age, level of work and fitness and education level. This will encompass the riders individual needs and requirements.

This is all done with an encouraging and enthusiastic approach form Gill as it is her passion to equip you with the grass roots knowledge of Bit and Bridle fitting to create a relaxed, soft and responsive way of working.

After all there is no one who knows your horse better than you the owner so you are halfway there you just need Gill’s valuable knowledge to complete the process. 

Bit by Bit course steps

Introduction from Gill Batt – Fundamental steps to bitting your horse


Where to start – Gill will explain her ethos to bits and bitting and take you through the pre-bitting requirements and checks.


Facial anatomy assessment and why it will affect your bit choices.


Recognizing and understanding why your horse is compensating or feeling compromised by the bit (signs of evasion).


Pinpoint area of change and improvement.


Bit choices and actions explained (snaffle/dressage legal).


Bit selection mouthpiece and cheekpiece to suit your partnership.


Transitioning to a new bit.

Enquire about a private bitting course

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